Male Enhancement and High Blood Pressure

A prominent problem among males is erectile dysfunction. The sensitive nature of this topic does not provide for open and comfortable conversation in many circles.

Erectile dysfunction can occur as a result of a number of conditions, with high blood pressure being one of them. It is important to understand the connection between male enhancement and high blood pressure.

Normally, when there is no problem, an erection occurs once there is stimulation or arousal and messages are sent to the nerves to the penis, so that the vessels in the penis can relax and blood can flow in freely. If something happens to any aspect of the process, whether the brain, nerves, blood vessels or circulation, this process fails and an erection will not occur.

When an individual has high blood pressure, the pressure of the blood against the walls of the blood vessels is so high, that it puts the individual at risk of health problems and various related conditions.  When high blood pressure gets so bad that it starts to affect the arteries of the penis, the arteries do not dilate as per normal, which affects the relaxation of the smooth muscles in the penis.

As a result not enough blood will flow in to the penis to make it erect.  This one of the main reasons why high blood pressure is such a prominent contributing factor to erectile dysfunction.

The other reason is that when some medication prescribed for the treatment of high blood pressure can result in erectile dysfunction.

This is why it is always recommended that you see your doctor for this problem before you purchase or attempt to self-treat by buying over the counter male enhancement drugs.

Because males with erectile dysfunction want to solve the problem as soon as possible, they often seek any male enhancement remedy they can get their hands on. However, care needs to be taken when choosing the correct drugs, as briefly touched upon, because some of them interact negatively with high blood pressure medications.

Despite the fact that there are many herbs and supplements on the market, all with claims to treat erectile dysfunction, these herbs and supplements below are believed to solve the problem and are safe male enhancement options for patients with high blood pressure.

So, do male enhancement and high blood pressure work together?  You should always check with your doctor, because though they may not worsen your blood pressure condition, they may interact with the drugs you are taking and cause dire consequences.

They include ginseng, horny goat weed, gingko biloba, muira puama, pycnogenol, L-arginine and damiana.  Because you have high blood pressure, in addition to seeking drugs for male enhancement, always take extra care before you start a new treatment regimen, and never forget to consult your doctor.

The Male Enhancement Diet: An All Natural Solution

No male likes to feel like he is lagging behind the rest of his sex when it comes to his love life. Being able to satisfy your lover is one of the most important things to a male in his prime.

When problems occur and there is difficulty performing, this can be extremely stressful to the male involved.

It can cause a lack of self-esteem, anxiety and even depression. There are, however, paths to follow to remedy this problem, one of which is a male enhancement diet.

There are many different treatments that you can undergo, as well as different types of medication that you can consume for the improvement of this problem. Even with this in mind, wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to change your circumstances and turn your life around without the use of drugs or treatments? What if your diet could be that way?

It is not a novel concept to attempt to change your life and circumstances by changing the foods you eat. In fact it is one of the most supported methods in the health and lifestyle world. There are many different foods that you can include or exclude from your diet to achieve whatever goals you have in mind. When considering male enhancement, it is no different.

The movement to eat for your sexual pleasure, so to speak, is growing as more and more people are opting to try options that do not include pills or any form of medical treatment. Here are the different types of foods that are said to work wonders for male enhancement when introduced into the diet regularly:

  • Bananas: Potassium and vitamin B6 are important for the normal functioning of the penis, and bananas contain these substances. High blood pressure is one of the many causes of erectile dysfunction. Bananas, since they are rich in potassium, can help lower the blood pressure, which will benefit your performance sexually.
  • Onions and Garlic: Proper circulation to the penis is essential for a viable erection. Onions and garlic aid in proper circulation.
  • Chilies and Peppers: Spicy foods in general will help blood flow by reducing hypertension and inflammation.
  • Watermelon: A part from being rich in vitamin C and an aid in boosting your immunity,watermelon contains a compound which works well at dilating blood vessels, and as a result, it boosts blood flow.
  • Wine: Yes, alcohol is a depressant, however as with everything, when taken in moderation, it can do wonders for your sexual health.
  • It supports cardiovascular health, which is essential for preventing erectile dysfunction asthe flow of blood is one of the main aspects of an erection.
  • Berries: These contain powerful antioxidants which play an important role in promoting blood flow to all parts of the body.
  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids: Amino acids are found in foods such as salmon, tuna and avocado. These are the healthy fats and they improve blood flow, among other things. These fatty acids serve two purposes, because in addition to aiding male enhancement and sexual health, they can decrease the risk of prostate cancer in males.
  • Oysters: This type of seafood has always been known as an aphrodisiac, and are promoted as such. They contain minerals that promote erections and increase the sperm count. They are used in the manufacture of many vitality supplements on the market.
  • Whole grains: Whole grains in breads, pasta and cereals are also recommended because of their contribution to nerve health, and nerves play a role in the sexual arousal process.
  • Eggs: Eggs are high in B vitamins other than B6 which help balance hormone levels. This is good for decreasing stress, which can inhibit an erection.